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Kim publishes his research on Learning Progression

Min Kyu Kim

Dr. Min Kyu Kim is a postdoctoral researcher at the Research Laboratory for Digital Learning at the Ohio State University. He earned his Ph.D. in the learning, design, and technology program at the University of Georgia in 2012 and worked at the University of Southern California before joining OSU.  His research focuses on advancing personalized learning environments that address ill-structured and complex problem domains and often emphasizes technology-enhanced formative assessment and feedback.

His scholarly work is grounded in his belief that most students can master learning goals if they are “provided with authentic learning experiences with integrating personalized learning that can be advanced with formative assessment and feedback methods deepening learning engagement.”

His belief about better education has led a series of research achievements. For example, he currently published a research, entitled “Models of learning progress in solving complex problems: expertise development in teaching and learning,” to top-ranking journal, Contemporary Educational Psychology, (more…)

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Lab Members Presents at AERA


In the upcoming 2015 Annual Meeting for American Educational Research Association (AERA) at Chicago, Illinois, our lab members will be involved in four paper sessions:

1. The Design of Teacher Tools, Evaluative Tools, and Learning Environments That Promote Motivation and Design Thinking
Fri, April 17, 12:25 to 1:55pm
Place: Marriott, Sixth Level, Illinois
Designing for Improved Motivation as an Outcome in a Postsecondary Online Course – Kui Xie, The Ohio State University; Lauren C. Hensley, The Ohio State University; Lynn A. Trinko, The Ohio State University; Zhiru Sun, The Ohio State University

2. Learning and Engagement Through Gaming
Time: Fri, April 17, 2:15 to 3:45pm
Place: Sheraton, Second Level, Superior A
Understanding Learning Engagement During Game Play: A Theory- and Data-Driven Exploration – Fengfeng Ke, Florida State University; Kui Xie, The Ohio State University; Ying Xie, Northern Illinois University

3. Online and Collaborative Learning Spaces in Instructional Technology
Time: Fri, April 17, 4:05 to 5:35pm
Place: Marriott, Fourth Level, Armitage
A Multilevel Approach of Examining Self-Regulation in Small-Group Online Collaborative Learning: The Role of Motivation, Self-Efficacy, and Co-Regulation – Kui Xie, The Ohio State University; Victor Law, University of New Mexico

4. Online Teaching and Learning SIG Paper Session 2
Time: Sat, April 18, 10:35am to 12:05pm
Place: Marriott, Fourth Level, Addison
The Effects of Perceived Self-Efficacy and Use of Learning Strategies on Students’ Learning in a Flipped Math Class – Zhiru Sun, The Ohio State University; Kui Xie, The Ohio State University

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Xie shared his opinion about MOOCs on TIME magazine


TIME published an article entitled “Will Technology Kill Universities?” Kui Xie had a great answer! He believes MOOCs and other technologies will transform the functions of schools and universities, but will not replace them. Read the original article here: Article was also cross published on Zocalo Public Square (more…)

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Xie presents on Learning Analytics

1781959_826759990694628_1210440122977063583_nDr. Kui Xie in Educational Technology program will offer a research talk entitled "Students' Engagement in e-Learning: A Preliminary Exploration of Learning Analytics" in First Friday Colloquia series hosted by The Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy (CCEC).

Educational Technology students are strongly encouraged to attend. Due to limited space, please register now.

When: Friday March 6, 2015 from 2:00PM to 3:00PM EST

Where: 136 Ramseyer Hall

Register Here

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