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School-Based Research Team Visits CRO and EDCITE Schools

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The school-based research team, led by Dr. Kui Xie, Cyphert Distinguished Professor in Department of Educational Studies at The Ohio State University, and Dr. Vanessa Vongkulluksn, the school-based research lead, visited 7 partner schools for the College Ready Ohio project and 5 partner school districts for the EDCITE: Evaluating Digital Content for Instructional and Teaching Excellence project. The team reported Year 1 survey results and discussed the implications for school policy and classroom practice. Prior to the December visits, the team analyzed and prepared school-specific assessment reports, focusing on teacher beliefs towards technology integration and student non-cognitive competencies such as motivation, grit, and school belongingness. (more…)

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Data analytics and electronic recommendations


Data analytics is a pervasive and powerful set of methodologies that allows researchers to gain insights into processes and behaviors. It does so by combining and processing a wide array of trace data that are made available by the internet and mobile technology. This is true also in the field of educational research, where the development of digital tools to support pedagogical activities offers new opportunities for studying learning. In turn, by collecting data about the usage of learning technology, we can better understand and reshape the contexts in which learning takes place.

Driven by the interest in data intensive research and stimulated by the challenges of applying data analytics to educational research, The Research Laboratory for Digital Learning has been working with the SpotOn project, an initiative of The Ohio State University, sponsored by the College of Education of Human Ecology. SpotOn’s mission is to “support PreK-12 teachers, administrators, and content decision-makers in the evaluation and selection of those digital resources that best meet their instructional requirements and the learning needs of their students.” (more…)

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Ohio State learning technology goes abroad

The place is different. The culture is different. But the educational issues are the same.

This summer, four professors in the College of Education and Human Ecology shared their learning technology knowledge with students and faculty in central China.

Kui Xie, David Stein, Tracey Stuckey-Mickell and Michael Glassman, all faculty in the Department of Educational Studies, traveled to Wuhan, China, to discuss their research in learning technology and distance education and experiences at The Ohio State University with those at Central China Normal University and nearby universities.

For two weeks, the faculty provided insights in technology and online learning in seminars as well as hosting lectures on e-learning, learning analytics and e-learning research trends.

“Our research topics were well-received by the Chinese scholars. Their interest in digital learning raised a lot of critical questions,” said Xie, EHE’s Cyphert Distinguished Professor.

“Students also are very interested in our work. They are especially interested in the research methods and the right questions to ask.”


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Panel Discussion: Big Data/Data Analytics in Education

Vanessa Vongkulluksn Non-Cognitive Competencies TalkThursday, January 12, 2017
1:00pm – 2:30pm
EHE College Commons (Ramseyer Hall 260)

What are we learning from Big Data/Data Analytics in Education?

Many education stakeholders are hopeful that Big Data/Data Analytics will make it possible to make historic improvements in student learning and retention, reduce or eliminate intransigent disparities, and provide mass-customization of the learning program. A massive amount of data is available on students – from online behaviors to social media activity. Are these data being used to improve learning? Is the promise of Big Data being realized? How are the ethical issues around data availability and use being addressed?

If you are a stakeholder in education – a student, teacher, parent, administrator, or community member – you have something to say about the use of Big Data in Education! Please join expert panelists Julie Carpenter-Hubin (Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research and Planning), Kui Xie (Ted and Lois Cyphert Distinguished Professor of Educational Technology),and Heather Boughton (Director of the Office of Data Quality at the Ohio Department of Education) as they discuss the use and potential misuse of big data and data analytics in education.

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Vanessa Vongkulluksn Presents on Non-Cognitive Competencies

Vanessa Vongkulluksn Non-Cognitive Competencies Talk

The School-Based Research team at the Research Laboratory for Digital Learning is excited to offer a talk on “Defining and Redefining Non-Cognitive Competencies.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
11:15am – 12:45pm
24 Hayes Hall

Non-cognitive competencies, including students’ dispositional traits, motivational attributes, and self-regulation strategy use, have recently been cited as important factors for success in higher education and the workplace. The talk, led by the lab’s School-Based Research Lead, Dr. Vanessa Vongkulluksn, will review extant literatures on non-cognitive competencies and their influence on academic achievement, higher education readiness, as well as content-specific education. Contemporary issues related to the use and measurement of non-cognitive constructs will also be addressed. The ensuing discussion will cover future directions in theoretical and empirical research in this area. 

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