The Research Laboratory for Digital learning provides resources and service to local and national teaching and learning communities. The service activities are two fold. First we design, develop, and deliver technology-supported online and blended courses that are grounded upon learning and instructional theories. These courses and modules are available to campus and online students at The Ohio State University. Secondly we design innovative digital tools to advance and support educational research methodology and to improve teaching and learning practice.

Graduate-level Course Offerings on Learning Technologies

ESETEC 2011: Keys to Academic Success for Online Learners

ESETEC 2011: Keys to Academic Success for Online Learners is a course that introduces essential learning strategies and technologies to guide students to successful online learning experiences and ultimately academic success. This two-credit, seven-week online course is designed for students entering online degree programs or taking online courses. The course content covers a wide range of learning strategies including self-regulation, online collaborative learning, resource management, e-book reading, information sharing, and note-taking strategies, etc. The course also introduces available OSU and external resources and technology tools to support applying diverse learning strategies in an online learning environment such as learning management system, communication and collaboration tools, cloud storage, concept map, e-book reader, and data visualization tools.

EDUCST 5892: Online Teaching Boot Camp for the Beginning Instructor

Dr. David Stein and Constance Wanstreet designed EDUCST 5892: Online Teaching Boot Camp for the Beginning Instructor with the support from an Impact Grant. At this camp, you will have an opportunity to develop the basic skills in planning, managing, facilitating, and assessing learner performance in technologically enhanced or fully online courses. Each online day you will be given a set of challenges to prepare you to acquire the skills necessary to build a supportive, interactive, and instructionally sound online learning environment. Through readings, video presentations, and activities you will demonstrate the practices to get started as an online instructor. Participation will be self-directed with opportunities for engaging with other campers and the counselors. The camp site and activities can be accessed anywhere, any time, with any device. More information on Impact Grant Project Website.

Note-Taking Module for ESEPSY 1259 through Impact Grant

Dr. Kui Xie, Lauren Hensley, and Lynn Trinko (Educational Technology and Dennis Learning Center, College of Education and Human Ecology) developed course materials and instructional interventions to help students maximize their learning in online environments. They developed dynamic, interactive learning modules to enhance the teaching and learning experience in an existing online course, ESEPSY 1259: Individual Learning and Motivation Strategies for Success in College, offered through the Dennis Learning Center. Based on theoretical and empirical research on motivation and learning and incorporating contemporary learning technologies and authentic learning and collaborative learning strategies, these modules promoted students’ motivation for learning in online classes. The modules will be designed for re-use in any online course, while the process of developing these materials will become the best-practices template for remaking further modules for this and similar courses. More information on Impact Grant Project Website.