Recent Awards

2021 AERA SIG Design & Technology Outstanding Research Paper Award

Congratulations to Drs. Kui Xie, Benjamine C. Heddy, and Vanessa Vongkulluksn! Their paper entitled “Examining Engagement in Context using Experience-Sampling Method with Mobile Technology” won the 2021 Outstanding Research Paper Award from American Educational Research Association Special Interest Group (SIG) Design and Technology.

Xie, K., Heddy, B. C., & Vongkulluksn, V. W. (2019). Examining engagement in context using experience-sampling method with mobile technology. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 59, 101788.

Spencer Foundation Supports Information Literacy Research

Information literacy is crucial for success in schools, and for effective functioning as informed citizens. With increasing availabilities of web 2.0 technologies in the classroom, students need to be able to critically evaluate information to learn effectively. This competency is particularly important in science education since conflicting scientific claims are common in digital spaces. However, there are no clear guidelines for science teachers regarding how information literacy should be taught and integrated into day-to-day science instruction. (more…)

Algebra Ready Delivers Summer Institute

Central Ohio teachers are learning new and innovative ways to teach pre-algebra using digital resources with Algebra Ready, a year-long professional development opportunity for 7th- and 8th-grade math teachers and school district math coaches. Funded by a grant under the Improving Teacher Quality Program from the Ohio Department of Higher Education, Algebra Ready is led by Drs. Kui Xie, Hea-Jin Lee, Ivo Herzog, and Nicole Luthy at The Ohio State University’s College of Education and Human Ecology and College of Arts and Sciences. Teachers and coaches registered with the expectations of improving their content knowledge in pre-algebra and algebra; understanding Ohio’s learning standards and content alignment; learning how to evaluate digital tools and content; and improving their pedagogical knowledge in teaching math with digital resources. (more…)

Xie Wins China’s Top Higher Education Award

Kui Xie, Cyphert Distinguished Professor, is the first learning technologies researcher to receive the Chang Jiang Scholar award by the Chinese Ministry of Education – the nation’s most prestigious higher education honor.

Xie will be funded to collaborate and lead research with faculty at Central China Normal University in learning technologies and appointed a visiting chaired professorship. (more…)

Xie Receives 2017 EHE Distinguished Research Award

Dr. Kui Xie, our lab director, receives the 2017 EHE Distinguished Research Award. The EHE Distinguished Research Award honors one individual every year who advances the field through transforming and integrating knowledge, facilitating learning, solving compelling problems, contributing to public policy, evaluating practices and programs, or interpreting knowledge for relevant audiences. (more…)

Algebra Ready to Improve Teacher Quality

We are thrilled to announce that our latest project, Algebra Ready: Teaching Mathematics with Digital Content, has received funding support from Ohio Department of Higher Education. The project builds upon the success of our previous EDCITE: Evaluating Digital Content for Instructional and Teaching Excellence project and has design features tailored to address the specific needs in algebra teaching.

Algebra Ready aims to improve teachers’ mathematical content knowledge and pedagogical strategies, their technological pedagogical knowledge for adopting digital resources in teaching mathematics and, ultimately, to increase students’ academic achievement and college readiness in the area of mathematics. The project focuses on algebra across grade levels and the contents are well aligned with Ohio’s New Learning Standards. (more…)

School-Based Research Team Visits CRO and EDCITE Schools

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The school-based research team, led by Dr. Kui Xie, Cyphert Distinguished Professor in Department of Educational Studies at The Ohio State University, and Dr. Vanessa Vongkulluksn, the school-based research lead, visited 7 partner schools for the College Ready Ohio project and 5 partner school districts for the EDCITE: Evaluating Digital Content for Instructional and Teaching Excellence project. The team reported Year 1 survey results and discussed the implications for school policy and classroom practice. Prior to the December visits, the team analyzed and prepared school-specific assessment reports, focusing on teacher beliefs towards technology integration and student non-cognitive competencies such as motivation, grit, and school belongingness. (more…)

Data analytics and electronic recommendations


Data analytics is a pervasive and powerful set of methodologies that allows researchers to gain insights into processes and behaviors. It does so by combining and processing a wide array of trace data that are made available by the internet and mobile technology. This is true also in the field of educational research, where the development of digital tools to support pedagogical activities offers new opportunities for studying learning. In turn, by collecting data about the usage of learning technology, we can better understand and reshape the contexts in which learning takes place.

Driven by the interest in data intensive research and stimulated by the challenges of applying data analytics to educational research, The Research Laboratory for Digital Learning has been working with the SpotOn project, an initiative of The Ohio State University, sponsored by the College of Education of Human Ecology. SpotOn’s mission is to “support PreK-12 teachers, administrators, and content decision-makers in the evaluation and selection of those digital resources that best meet their instructional requirements and the learning needs of their students.” (more…)

New app to help teachers boost preschool literacy

Preschool students gain valuable early literacy skills through the free Read It Again curriculum at the Coshocton (Ohio) County Head Start.

After the successful creation and testing of the powerful learning intervention, Read It Again Pre-K, faculty at Ohio State’s College of Education and Human Ecology are developing a digital upgrade to help enhance the early reading skills of preschoolers further.The Read It Again Pre-K program was created by Distinguished Professor of Teaching and Learning Laura Justice, who also is co-investigator of the digital project. It supplements what teachers are already doing in the classroom to help develop and strengthen young children’s foundations in language and literacy.

The curriculum supplement has been so successful that it has exploded beyond its original implementation from a decade ago. It is now used throughout the United States and adapted internationally in countries such as Australia, Canada, Croatia, Italy and Denmark.

Now, Read It Again – Mobile, will build on the program’s success as a digital version of the program. It will include new features that were not previously possible. (more…)

Kim wins AECT Outstanding Journal Article Award

Kim awardCongratulations to Dr. Min Kyu Kim, a Research Scientist in The Research Laboratory for Digital Learning. Dr. Kim was award the AECT Design and Development Division 2015 Outstanding Journal Article Award for his recent publication in The Internet and Higher Education. The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) is a professional association of thousands of educators and others whose activities are directed toward improving instruction through technology.

Kim, M., Kim, S., Khera, O., & Getman, J. (2014). The experience of three flipped classrooms in an urban university: An exploration of design principles. The Internet and Higher Education, 22, 37-50. (more…)