Building School Partnerships for Translational Research

At The Research Laboratory for Digital Learning, we place great emphasis on the idea of translational research. In working with our school partners, we learn from schools about the pressing issues and problems in practice; we translate the practical questions from the schools into academic research questions; we design research studies in addressing these questions; then we bring the results back to the schools in order to situate the results in the school context to generate meaningful findings and in return, to answer the practical questions from the schools.

On October 17th and 18th 2019, four of our lab members traveled to Berkshire and Cardinal schools as part of our continuing efforts to provide assistance in assessing the impact of two state funded projects: College Ready Ohio (CRO) and Evaluating Digital Content for Instructional and Teaching Excellence (EDCITE). At Cardinal, we discussed how to tailor research to their region and student population. At Berkshire, we discussed expectations regarding their 5 C’s: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking, and Civic Responsibility.

We are also very excited about a new partnership that we recently established with Mayfield School District. At Mayfield, we met with the leadership team, the teachers, and the students over two days to discuss the innovative changes they are making, including their All-Access program and the new makerspace construction in their middle school. More importantly, we confirmed our partnership! This is a fantastic opportunity for both Mayfield schools and the Research Laboratory for Digital Learning. We look forward to the collaborations in translational research!