Engagement at AECT2018 Kansas City

In the 2018 Annual Meeting for Association for Educational Communication and Technologies (AECT) at Kansas City, MO, our lab members fully engaged in various programs and presentations.

Four excellent presentations were made by our lab members: (1) Effects of ability and value beliefs on technology integration: A multilevel mediation analysis by Sheng-Lun Cheng, Lin Lu, and Kui Xie; (2) A design-based research study to develop an online flipped language classroom model by Zilu Jiang, Kui Xie, and Jiahang Li (Michigan State University); (3) Learning computational thinking by stem-integrated learning approach in 4th grade flipped classroom by Xing Li, Yi Zhang (Central China Normal University), and Kui Xie; (4) A review of design and technological components of educational digital resources. Kui Xie, Gennaro Di Tosto, Sheng-Bo Chen, and Vanessa Vongkulluksn.

Lab director Kui Xie served as a mentor for the Early Career Symposium along with leaders in the field of Educational Technology. Sheng-Lun Cheng participated as a mentee in this program.

Our recent publication “The interactions between facilitator identity, conflictual presence, and social presence in peer-moderated online collaborative learning” received a best qualitative journal article award from the Division of Distance Learning at AECT.

In addition, two visiting scholars returned from Turkey to present at AECT. In addition, we celebrated Lin’s birthday at the conference. A 360 degree rich engagement at AECT 2018 in Kansas City!