Presentations at AECT 2018

In the upcoming 2018 Annual Meeting for Association for Educational Communication and Technologies (AECT) at Kansas City, MO, our lab members will be involved in four presentations:

Paper Session: Effects of ability and value beliefs on technology integration: A multilevel mediation analysis
Fri, Oct 26, 10:20 to 10:45am, Marriott, Julia Lee A
Sheng-Lun Cheng, Lin Lu, Kui Xie, The Ohio State University

Design and Development Showcase: A design-based research study to develop an online flipped language classroom model
Wed, Oct 24, 4:15 to 6:00pm, Muehlebach, Mezzanine
Zilu Jiang, Jiahang Li (Michigan State University), Kui Xie, The Ohio State University

Paper Session: Learning computational thinking by stem-integrated learning approach in 4th grade flipped classroom
Fri, Oct 26, 3:35 to 4:00pm, Muehlebach, Trianon C
Xing Li, Yi Zhang, Central China Normal University, Kui Xie, The Ohio State University

Paper Session: A review of design and technological components of educational digital resources.
Thu, Oct 25, 10:20 to 10:45am, Muehlebach, Hoover
Gennaro Di Tosto, Sheng-Bo Chen, Vanessa Vongkulluksn, Kui Xie, The Ohio State University

In addition, lab members are actively serving in various roles for programs in AECT 2018. For example, Sheng-Lun Cheng will participate in the Early Career Research Symposium. Our lab director Dr. Kui Xie will serve as a mentor for Early Career Research Symposium. He will also serve as a discussant for a featured research session.