Partnering with Schools in Two Statewide Straight A Projects


The Research Laboratory for Digital Learning is proud to be one of the partners in two FY2015 Straight A Fund wining projects: the College Ready Ohio project was awarded for $13.5 million and the EDCITE: Evaluating Digital Content for Instructional and Teaching Excellence project was awarded for $8.4 million. The Straight A Innovation Fund, launched by Ohio Governor John Kasich in 2013, aims to provide funding to educational entities in Ohio for innovative ideas to meet students’ learning needs while reduce educational costs.

College Ready Ohio aims to expand access to college-level courses to high school students across the states via mobile learning, open digital sources, and College Credit Plus opportunities.  By studying both online and in-person teaching and learning formats, different approaches can be examined relating to how K-12 teachers and students best adapt to new or different teaching and learning strategies. This project is led by Educational Service Center of Central Ohio partnering with ten K-12 school districts, The Ohio State University (OSU), Geauga County Educational Service Center and the Ohio STEM Learning Network. The OSU lead for this project is Liv Gjestvang from Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE). 

EDCITE: Evaluating Digital Content for Instructional and Teaching Excellence will implement a digital content evaluation system to help schools to move from print to digital classroom materials in order to increase personalized learning. Comprehensive evaluation methods and a web-based system will be developed along with professional development to help teachers to learn how to review digital resources to determine the most suitable and cost-efficient programs for their districts.  This project is led by Westerville City Schools partnering with four other school districts, and The Ohio State University. The OSU lead for this project is Nicole Luthy from Ohio Resource Center (ORC) in College of Education and Human Ecology.

The Research Laboratory for Digital Learning will be responsible to research and evaluate the impact of these projects on school districts throughout six years emphasizing on student achievement, cost reduction, and resource sharing. Lab members are delighted to be a part of these two large-scale statewide projects, and are excited for the collaboration with all partners. More importantly, the Research Laboratory for Digital Learning is committed to help students and teachers by bringing digital learning research and innovation from the laboratory to K-12 classrooms to transform the education system across the state of Ohio.

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