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Data analytics and electronic recommendations


Data analytics is a pervasive and powerful set of methodologies that allows researchers to gain insights into processes and behaviors. It does so by combining and processing a wide array of trace data that are made available by the internet and mobile technology. This is true also in the field of educational research, where the development of digital tools to support pedagogical activities offers new opportunities for studying learning. In turn, by collecting data about the usage of learning technology, we can better understand and reshape the contexts in which learning takes place.

Driven by the interest in data intensive research and stimulated by the challenges of applying data analytics to educational research, The Research Laboratory for Digital Learning has been working with the SpotOn project, an initiative of The Ohio State University, sponsored by the College of Education of Human Ecology. SpotOn’s mission is to “support PreK-12 teachers, administrators, and content decision-makers in the evaluation and selection of those digital resources that best meet their instructional requirements and the learning needs of their students.” (more…)