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Research Roundtable Series II: Technology PD in K12 Schools and Higher Ed

Dr. Min Kyu Kim and Doctoral Student Sheng-Lun Cheng in Educational Technology program will offer a research talk entitled “Technology PD in K12 Schools and Higher Education” in second Round Table Series by the Research Laboratory for Digital Learning (RLDL).

Note: RLDL members are strongly encouraged to attend.

When: Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015 12 pm – 1 pm
Where: 215 Ramseyer Hall

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New app to help teachers boost preschool literacy

Preschool students gain valuable early literacy skills through the free Read It Again curriculum at the Coshocton (Ohio) County Head Start.

After the successful creation and testing of the powerful learning intervention, Read It Again Pre-K, faculty at Ohio State’s College of Education and Human Ecology are developing a digital upgrade to help enhance the early reading skills of preschoolers further.The Read It Again Pre-K program was created by Distinguished Professor of Teaching and Learning Laura Justice, who also is co-investigator of the digital project. It supplements what teachers are already doing in the classroom to help develop and strengthen young children’s foundations in language and literacy.

The curriculum supplement has been so successful that it has exploded beyond its original implementation from a decade ago. It is now used throughout the United States and adapted internationally in countries such as Australia, Canada, Croatia, Italy and Denmark.

Now, Read It Again – Mobile, will build on the program’s success as a digital version of the program. It will include new features that were not previously possible. (more…)

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Kim wins AECT Outstanding Journal Article Award

Kim awardCongratulations to Dr. Min Kyu Kim, a Research Scientist in The Research Laboratory for Digital Learning. Dr. Kim was award the AECT Design and Development Division 2015 Outstanding Journal Article Award for his recent publication in The Internet and Higher Education. The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) is a professional association of thousands of educators and others whose activities are directed toward improving instruction through technology.

Kim, M., Kim, S., Khera, O., & Getman, J. (2014). The experience of three flipped classrooms in an urban university: An exploration of design principles. The Internet and Higher Education, 22, 37-50. (more…)

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Xie named Cyphert Distinguished Professor to augment teaching and learning


Kui Xie, associate professor of educational technology, has been named the Ted and Lois Cyphert Distinguished Professor.

Frederick R. “Ted” Cyphert, dean of the College of Education, and his wife, Lois, were loyal supporters of teacher education. After his death in 2005, Lois wanted to ensure that their endowment supported and enhanced a faculty member’s work that benefits public school education and teachers’ ability to improve student learning. The revival of the Cyphert Distinguished Professorship, created in 1994, is a signal of the college’s commitment to the use of digital learning pedagogy and technology to enhance teacher effectiveness and learner achievement.

Advancing the impact of digital learning research
With a faculty appointment in the Department of Educational Studies, Xie is passionate about integrating advanced computer technologies into education, especially through the use of distance learning. “The driving question behind my current research,” he said, “is how to design, develop and integrate innovative technologies that afford to promote students’ motivation and cognitive engagement in digital learning.” Xie is best known for the breadth and depth of his research on asynchronous online learning, especially online learning forums conducted over time. He studies it from multiple perspectives, including student engagement, motivation, cognition and social interactions. Xie is also recognized for developing innovative analytical methods for his studies. He is among the first to collect learning analytics (i.e., data from digital learning systems) to investigate students’ motivation and engagement during online learning experiences.

Eric Anderman, professor and chair of the Department of Educational Studies, said, “Xie is advancing our knowledge of how computer technology can create cognitive tools that motivate student to learn, facilitate hands-on learning and build scaffolds for complex cognitive activities. The Cyphert Professorship supports his efforts to better inform educational research and instructional design.” (more…)

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Sun graduated and earned Ph.D. in Educational Technology

Dr. Zhiru Sun
Congratulations to Dr. Zhiru Sun for earning Ph.D degree in Educational Technology from The Ohio State University! Zhiru’s research interests bridge across disciplines including educational technology, psychology, and statistics. Her research is grounded in the belief that technology can facilitate the realization of the constructivist learning environment in which learners are not isolated, but actively interact with a variety of resources to develop the students’ understanding through a mixture of experimentation, experience, and expert guidance. Since the use of technology in education brings new challenges to both students and instructors, Zhiru has been conducting research on the advancement of theories and technologies to understand students’ learning behaviors and provide suggestions for instructors’ course design.

In her dissertation, she investigated the role of self-regulation on students’ learning achievements in an undergraduate flipped math class through the survey method. She proposed two conceptual models based on the self-regulation theory for pre-class and in-class flipped learning and assessed the models by conducting the structural equation modeling (more…)

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