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Xie Presents on Experience-Sampling Method

Xie SEM Talk

Dr. Kui Xie will offer a research talk in The EHE Methodological Colloquium on the topic of “Using Technology to Support Experience-Sampling Method.”

Friday, Apr. 1, 2016
12 – 1 p.m.
136 Ramseyer Hall

Experience-Sampling Method involves the use of electronic or digital devices to interrupt people in order to probe their thoughts and feelings in that moment. It can be a more sensitive method of examining thoughts and motivations for learning than traditional self-report measures that rely on either projection or retrospection. This talk will explore how technology could support experience-sampling method in examining college students’ learning habits. Results from an empirical study on two different approaches of using technology in ESM will be reported and discussed.

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Lab Members Present at AERA 2016 at Washington, DC.

In the upcoming 2016 Annual Meeting for American Educational Research Association (AERA) at Washington, DC, our lab members will be involved in four paper sessions:

1.How Teachers Learn and Become Competent via the Evaluation of Digital Materials

Xie, K., Cheng, S.L., Kim, M., & Luthy, N.C. (2016, April). How teachers learn and become competent via the evaluation of digital materials, Paper to be presented the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. Washington, DC.

In Event: Supporting Technology Integration Through Professional Development
Sun, April 10, 10:35am to 12:05pm, Marriott Marquis, Level Two, Marquis Salon 13

In this study we designed and implemented a one-year professional development program that focused on evaluating digital content. 171 teachers from 5 schools districts across central Ohio participated in this study. The results revealed that teachers’ TPACK and self-efficacy increased across time during the PD program, suggesting that training teachers on evaluating digital content can be an innovative and effective PD model to improve teachers’ TPACK as well as their self-efficacy. This training model was especially effective for teachers with less prior experience in technology integration or related training. However, teachers’ motivation deceased over time. Qualitative analyses revealed requirements needed for successful PD. (more…)

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All About EHE: The Research Laboratory for Digital Learning


Many of us own at least one piece of technology that makes our lives easier. Laptops, smartphones, tablets and apps are great for entertainment, productivity and staying connected.

Technology also is making impact on the way students learn. But there is still much to learn about the best way to achieve it.

That’s exactly what researchers are investigating at the College of Education and Human Ecology’s Research Laboratory for Digital Learning. The lab was created under the leadership of Cypert Distinguished Professor Kui Xie to “understand how students learn in technology-supported learning environments.”

In other words, how can we use digital tools to bring added value to classrooms and advance student learning?

Xie and his team have made waves in the research community since the digital learning research lab opened in 2013. Their work is helping understand how technology affects youth learning from preschool to high school and how adults learn in higher education and vocational education.

“We’re really excited about the work we are doing,” Xie said. “In just a few short years, we have started to establish a reputation in digital learning research and enhance the knowledge produced at the university and in Ohio.” (more…)

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Lab Members Presenting at 2015 National AECT Conference

Congratulations to Dr. Min Kyu Kim, Lin Lu, and Sheng-Lun Cheng on presenting their research at 2015 International Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Convention, held in Indianapolis, IN from November 3-7. AECT is a professional association where researchers, instructional designers, and educators all over the world gather together with an aim to improve education through technology. The effort of AECT members can be found in various settings such as K-12 schools, universities, military, hospital, and industry. The Association is the oldest and most recognized organization in the field of instructional design and instructional technology. For the past decades, The Association has been striving to establish the highest standards for research and practice. In addition, the Association publishes one of the top-tier journals in instructional technology: Educational Technology Research and Development. (more…)

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Research Roundtable Series III: Simulating Social Processes with Agent-Based Methodologies

The Research Roundtable Series on Digital Learning presentsDr. Gennaro Di Tosto will offer a research talk entitled “Simulating Social Processes with Agent-Based Methodologies” in the third Round Table Series by the Research Laboratory for Digital Learning (RLDL).

When: Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015 11 am – 12 pm
Where: 136 Ramseyer Hall

We welcome everyone to attend. No registration is required.

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