Lab Members Presenting at 2015 National AECT Conference

Congratulations to Dr. Min Kyu Kim, Lin Lu, and Sheng-Lun Cheng on presenting their research at 2015 International Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Convention, held in Indianapolis, IN from November 3-7. AECT is a professional association where researchers, instructional designers, and educators all over the world gather together with an aim to improve education through technology. The effort of AECT members can be found in various settings such as K-12 schools, universities, military, hospital, and industry. The Association is the oldest and most recognized organization in the field of instructional design and instructional technology. For the past decades, The Association has been striving to establish the highest standards for research and practice. In addition, the Association publishes one of the top-tier journals in instructional technology: Educational Technology Research and Development.

DrKim AECT2015Dr. Min Kyu Kim presented his awarded outstanding journal article,
“The Experience of Three Flipped Classrooms in an Urban University: An Exploration of Design Principles.” This article employed a mixed method to extract design principles of flipped classrooms in the context of three undergraduate programs at the University of Southern California (USC).

LU AECT2015Lin Lu, doctoral student in Learning Technologies program, presented her paper on “Examining Students’ Engagement under Graded and Non-graded Learning Conditions in a Flipped Class.” This paper, written by Dr. Zhiru Sun, Lin Lu, and Dr. Kui Xie, investigates students’ learning engagement in two learning conditions–graded and non-graded-in a flipped class, and further examines how self-efficacy would influence the engagement in these two conditions.

Sheng-Lun Cheng, also doctoral student in Learning Technologies program, presented his paper on “Improving Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge through Digital Content Evaluation.” This paper, written by Dr. Kui Xie and Sheng-Lun Cheng, explores how teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) can be improved through a unique technology development program: digital content evaluation.

Their achievement represents a collective effort and a wide range of interest in improving education through learning technologies. Let’s celebrate their strive for academic excellence!